It Was Sunny That Day

Cloudy or sunny, we always found ourselves on the river. It was like the water called us. Whether it was raining, cloudy, or the sun was shining - we always found our way to the water some how. But, it was sunny that day and we did what we loved to do... take the boat out and ride the tube. It was just him and I, and that was always a recipe that stressed our parents out because of our adventurous personalities. I got on the tube and I made him promise that he wouldn't throw me off. He did really well until a few boats came by and made his wakes even worse on my behalf. I don't know how I held on, but I made it until I finally got too tired to hold on and he finally stopped the boat. Now it was his turn. The first wake we hit, I just knew he was going to fly off. But, he didn't. I tried everything I could because after all, the point of riding the tube is to get slung off. Eventually, I got back on the tube and the next thing I knew, I flew off backwards. I was laughing so hard I started swallowing what felt like the entire Great Pee Dee River. He picked me and the tube up and threw us in the boat and we headed home. He promised me he would never sling me off the tube again... the next day it was cloudy and we went for a ride again. This time, he managed to sling me off the tube, AGAIN. Then he told me once he picked me up out of the water this time, that he promised not to sling me off the tube ON SUNNY DAYS. I disagreed because he never stated "on sunny days" but he clarified - "it was sunny out yesterday, wasn't it?". So, It Was Sunny That Day. 


Riding the tube hasn't been the same since he has been gone. I can count on one hand how many times I've ridden a tube since he left us- once. 

The smallest memories with someone close to your heart become the biggest moments of your life once they are gone. 


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