About Us

In March of 2019, I lost my best friend, Andy. The impact that he had on others was unimaginable, he put a smile on everyone's face in every room he ever walked in. To say that there was ever a dull moment when you were around him would be false and the word spontaneous does not even come close to describing him. He enjoyed anything that involved the outdoors and his love for animals always brought out his compassionate side. The purpose of Andy & Me Company is not only to provide good quality products, but it is also a way to allow Andy to live through and touch every person that comes across our brand merchandise.

My goal is to provide merchandise that has the ability to remind people to always return to their roots no matter where life takes them and do things that positively impact your physical, emotional, and mental health.

If we could all Live Like Andy, the world would be a better place.

Follow your compass where ever it points, like Andy & Me.

Much Love,

Andy & Me Company