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Andy & Me Company

"Oyster Bed" Candle Holder

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• Handmade Oyster Shell Votive Holder 

• Recycled Oyster Shells that have been washed but not "stripped" of their authentic look that they obtain from nature

• The base of the candle holder is a wooden piece covered in twine for protection for both the oysters and the space you place your candle holder on 

• It comes with a Votive candle, the candle is removable from the holder, and the votive is removable as well

• The Votive sits on a level twine base 

• The authenticity of Oysters add more of a realistic beach or inlet feel to the area you choose to add this special piece to 

• Not only are the shells hand chosen, but each one is placed strategically in order to give an abstract and unique look to each candle holder 

• Note: these are made custom order, no two candle holder's will be the same 

*This piece is extremely delicate, please be safe when moving this piece in order to refrain from damaging it!